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for age 15 -25

Welcome to my 6-week Growth Programme for Young Adults!

Participants will embark on a transformative journey designed to empower and elevate your process in academia or other personal matters. This programme is meticulously crafted to cultivate essential skills, foster intellectual curiosity, and reinforce confidence for young adults seeking growth and excellence.

The Journey for Young Adults is tailored for individuals aged 15 to 25 who are eager to enhance their academic skills, deepen their subject knowledge, and cultivate a mindset geared towards continuous improvement. 

Whether you are aiming to boost grades, gain a competitive edge, or simply enrich your life, this program provides a dynamic and inclusive environment for participants from diverse backgrounds and educational stages.

Join me on this journey and unlock your full potential!

* The programme is based on an estimate of 6 weeks, 4 calls/session or 4 hours; whichever comes first.

Who should participate?

  • High School, I.B, and A-Level Students: Those preparing for standardized tests, aiming to strengthen foundational knowledge, and seeking effective study strategies. Improve memory recall, and information retention and reduce exam anxiety.

  • College and University Students: Individuals navigating the challenges of higher education, looking to excel in their coursework and develop critical skills for future success. Reduce procrastination, and phobias and get rid of limiting beliefs.

  • Young Professionals: Recent graduates or early-career professionals wanting to sharpen their skills, deepen their understanding in specific areas, or pivot towards a new academic pursuit.

  • Individuals in Transition: Anyone experiencing a shift in academic focus, career path, or personal development, and looking for a supportive and transformative programme.

(example Programme Outline at a glance)


Foundation Building
(Week 1)

  • Diagnostic to identify strengths and areas for improvement.

  • Personalized learning plan crafted for the participant which combines practical and therapeutic integration.

  • Establishing a methodical roadmap.

  • Introduction to essential study skills, time management techniques and other helpful hacks and tips.


Bi-Weekly Holistic Coaching Sessions (Week 3-4)


(Week 2)

  • Coaching or Hypnotherapy session to begin the reframing and embedding.

  • Target critical thinking, effective communication, and problem-solving skills.

  • Foster a growth mindset and intrinsic motivation


Psychological and Well-being Check-ins (Week 4-6)

  • Evaluating progress in achieving psychological and well-being goals.

  • Programme evaluation.

  • Goal-setting exercises and personalized plans.

  • Self-Accountability vi digital, interactive dashboard.

  • Evaluating progress in achieving goals.

  • Programme evaluation.

  • Reinforcing strategies.

  • Realignment where required




Active Engagement

Open Communication

  • Actively participate in coaching sessions, providing insights and reflections.

  • Implement recommended strategies for results.

  • Communicate openly about challenges, concerns, and successes.

  • Provide feedback on the effectiveness of the holistic coaching process.

  • Collaborate in setting and refining goals throughout the coaching engagement.

expectations FROM UMAR


Integrated Coaching Sessions

  • Comprehensive discussions.

  • Tangible strategies for achieving goals while maintaining holistic well-being.


Holistic Progress Report

  • Regular progress updates.

  • Recommendations for ongoing development and sustained well-being.


Resourceful Support

  • Curated resources promoting mental health, resilience, and academic effectiveness.

  • Post-programme soft support. (for a limited time)




  • Two easier instalments of £250 each.


Participants can expect to emerge from the 6-week program with strengthened academic skills, a growth-oriented mindset, new skills, and a much more optimistic view of the future. This comprehensive approach aims to equip young adults with the tools they need not only to excel academically but also to navigate future educational and professional challenges with confidence.

* Programme flow is subject to change according to the needs of the participant.

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