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A unique and comprehensive Executive Business Coaching Program designed to elevate the performance and well-being of executives, entrepreneurs and Starter-uppers.

This holistic approach is set apart because it addresses both practical and psychological aspects, ensuring a methodical and result-driven

coaching experience.

Being an entrepreneur and a business owner myself, I have learnt exactly how fruitful this approach can be.

What sets my process apart?

Well, unlike generic 'Business Coaching' programs that solely focus on the context of your work life, my program takes things up a notch.

I blend your emotional intelligence seamlessly with your practical needs to create a powerhouse strategy for achieving your goals—both professionally and personally.



A. Holistic Assessment (Week 1) 90 mins


  • In-depth analysis of professional goals and challenges via online intake and Zoom call.

  • Identification of psychological and well-being needs for a comprehensive understanding.

  • Initial assessment of the executive's current state and desired outcomes.

  • Establishing a methodical roadmap for achieving professional and personal objectives.

  • Defining key milestones and success indicators.

  • issue (e.g., overcoming a fear or improving sleep).


B. Customized Holistic Coaching Plan (Week 2) 90 mins


  • 60-minute virtual coaching sessions focused on both practical and psychological aspects.

  • (Tailoring a coaching plan that integrates practical and psychological therapeutic aspects).

  • Business assessment and strategy discussion. (Evaluation OKR’s/KPI’s)

C. Bi-Weekly Holistic Coaching Sessions (Week 3-8)


  • Exploration of well-being strategies, stress management, and work-life balance.

  • Implementation of personalized action plans for professional growth and optimal well-being.

  • Accountability and follow-up.


D. Psychological and Well-being Check-ins (Week 3-8)


  • Evaluating progress in achieving psychological and well-being goals.

  • Adjusting the coaching plan based on evolving needs.

  • Reinforcing strategies for maintaining peak performance and holistic well-being.


E. Ongoing Support and Resources (Throughout the Program – additional time agreed based on need)


  • Regular check-ins and support beyond scheduled coaching sessions.

  • Ongoing business guidance.

  • Access to resources promoting mental health, resilience, and holistic development.

  • Guidance on integrating well-being practices into daily professional life.




A. Active Engagement


  • Actively participate in coaching sessions, providing insights and reflections.

  • Implement recommended strategies for professional and personal growth.

  • Prioritize well-being practices for enhanced overall performance.


B. Open Communication


  • Communicate openly about challenges, concerns, and successes.

  • Provide feedback on the effectiveness of the holistic coaching process.

  • Collaborate in setting and refining goals throughout the coaching engagement.

C. Commitment to Holistic Growth


  • Dedicate time and effort to both the professional and well-being aspects of the coaching plan.

  • Embrace the interconnectedness of psychological and practical elements for optimal results.

  • Strive for a holistic approach to leadership and personal development.



A. Integrated Coaching Sessions


  • Comprehensive discussions addressing both professional and psychological needs.

  • Tangible strategies for achieving goals while maintaining holistic well-being.


B. Holistic Progress Reports


  • Regular updates on progress in both practical and psychological dimensions.

  • Recommendations for ongoing development and sustained well-being.


C. Resourceful Support


  • Curated resources promoting mental health, resilience, and leadership effectiveness.

  • Continued guidance beyond the coaching sessions to support holistic growth.


There is only one intake each month and limited to just two clients at a time. This allows me to focus on creating and delivering a bespoke programme for you.

If you're curious about diving into investing in this programme for holistic self-growth and checking out potential package options, could you spare a moment to fill out a quick form ? It's going to be super helpful for me to understand how my program can best suit your needs.

If I feel it is the right fit for you, you will receive information about cost and intake dates.



My commitment to a holistic coaching approach ensures that executives not only meet their professional goals but also experience enhanced

well-being. I look forward to the opportunity to collaborate with you and contribute to your success and holistic growth.

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